Silent Keys

We are shaped by our past. The knowledge, cameraderie and amateur radio spirit we share today are built on the legacies of hams who made our hobby what it is. They got involved, encouraged, taught, and shared. May we all do the same, in their memory.

The following list of silent keys includes members of the Orca DX and Costest Club, and members of the British Columbia DX Club who became silent keys before the Orca DX and Contest Club was established.

Richard Thompson, VE7XT December 2022

David Frost, VE7VF November 2022

Jim Smith, VE7FO November 2022

Mike Burgoyne, VE7WY / VE7CMN February 2021

Kenneth Cote, VE7KRC December 2019

William Foster, VE7WWW May 14, 2018

Gene Krehbiel, VE7KB January 5, 2017

Gene Krayco, VE7NX May 19, 2012

David Bishop, VE7PO August 10, 2010

Chuck Johnson, VE7WO April 18, 2010

Tommy Wong, VE7BC October 19, 2008

Vic Waters, VE7ALR August 19, 2008