The Pacific Northwest DX Convention has always received outstanding support from great companies, many of them based right here in the Pacific Northwest.

The Orca DX and Contest Club gratefully acknowledges the support of our major prize donors:


FT DX 3000 160M-6M Transceiver

  IC 7410 160M-6M Transceiver

D72 Handheld   D710 Mobile VHF/UHF


AlfaSpid Rotator

  SteppIR CrankIR vertical

Prize Winners

Yaesu FT DX 3000
Alfa Radio Ltd. AlfaSpid rotator:

Olin WA7YXY, Corvalis, OR

About the
Pacific Northwest DX Convention

The PNW DX Convention has been held every summer since 1955 with the sponsorship rotating between:


This year's 59th annual DX Convention is hosted by the Orca DX and Contest Club, which formed in 2010 and now welcomes the privilege of hosting the conference when it is in British Columbia every fourth year.


Together, these clubs have upheld the rich traditions of amateur radio and the pursuit of DX through five solar cycles. Over the decades, we have enjoyed wonderful friendships and the very special international cameraderie that ham radio fosters in the Pacific Northwest and around the world.


Planning Committee

  • Dave Johnson VE7VR - Chair
  • Steve Wright VE7CT - Vice Chair
  • Rebecca Kimoto VA7BEC - Logistics
  • Dave Shipman VA7AM - Registration and budget
  • Fred Orsetti VE7IO - Printing and more
  • Dick Moen N7RO - US Advisor
  • Ralph Parker VE7XF - Audio/Visual Advisor
  • Paul Peters VE7BZ - Island Advisor
  • Bud Mortenson VA7ST - Web, Interior Advisor