British Columbia QSO Party

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Next running of the BCQP: 1600z February 4 to 0400z February 5, 2017

Suggested frequencies:

Band Freq. (Khz) Band Freq. (Khz)
160M CW1815 160M PH 1845
80M CW *3585 80M PH 3850
40M CW *7035 40M PH 7230
20M CW *14035 20M PH 14250
15M CW21035 15M PH 21300
10M CW28035 10M PH 28490
* CW after 0000z consider 3570, 7070 and 14050 (due to NA Sprint CW activity)

Results of the 2016 BC QSO Party

Post-Contest Report (PDF) | BC Results (PDF) | W/VE/DX Results (PDF)

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