British Columbia QSO Party February 5-6, 2022

A total of 20 hours: 1600z Saturday, Feb. 5 to 0359z on Sunday, Feb. 6, and 1600z to 2359z on Sunday, Feb. 6.


Stations outside British Columbia, make as many contacts as you can with VE7/VA7 stations. British Columbia stations, make as many contacts as you can with other stations in the province as well as the rest of Canada, into the United States and beyond. Special notes:

Original-photo certificates for top scores in all classes, BC and outside BC (state/province/DX). Plaques in 10 sponsored categories. The BCQP is fully supported by N1MM contest logging software, N3FJP state QSO party logging program, and CQ/X GPS-enabled software for mobile contesting. The BCQP is one of the approved parties in the State QSO Party Challenge. See the Rules for contest exchange, tools and updates. Questions?

Email the contest coordinator, Rebecca VA7BEC at

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Helpful hints for BC stations

BCQP 2022 Weekend -- schedule of BCQP and other overlapping events (PDF)

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2021 BCQP final report and results

The final report for the BCQP is now available, as are line scores for Out-of-Province and In-Province competitors.

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The annual State QSO Party Challenge recognizes all radio amateurs' participation in the US state and Canadian provincial QSO parties. It is open to any participant in any of the approved State QSO Parties (SQPs) -- including the BCQP! Simply submit your scores to to be included in the Challenge.

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