About the Orca DX and Contest Club

An open community of common interests
The Orca DX and Contest Club (Orca DXCC) was established in Fall 2010 to serve as a community open to all amateur radio operators in BC or the BC-Washington border region with an interest in DXing and contesting.

We share unique opportunities and challenges in "working the world" from the top-left corner of North America. The Orca DXCC brings together active radio operators to share their experiences, and provide encouragement and mentoring to all who strive to one day "work 'em all" from here.

Club call
The club callsign used for special events is VA7ODX.

Join the club
Here's how to become a member.

Club members are encouraged to join our Orca DXCC Yahoo! Group to get the latest club info.

Club Meetings

The Orca DXCC holds regular meetings in the Lower Mainland (Vancouver, B.C. area).

Read about the next meeting date, and previous meetings recapped in The Orca Report

Club Mission

View the club's complete constitution, bylaws and organization (Jan. 2014).

Our Aim
The aim of the club is to provide a forum and organization for Amateur Radio operators primarily located in British Columbia who are interested in DXing and Contesting.

Guiding principle
“We believe there is no truer demonstration of the magic of Ham Radio than the act of DXing. We know why we do it and we know why we love it. DXing and contesting are noble pursuits which deserve a foundation of fellowship, understanding, encouragement, tolerance and the support of like-minded believers.”

Orca DXCC will provide this foundation for its members to help them pursue their goals and build on this belief.

Club Logos

Members may wish to indicate Orca DXCC membership on their QSL cards, on a jacket, cap or T-shirt. We have two versions of the logo:

Standard logo -- suitable for web pages and print materials. Not recommended for use over dark backgrounds.

.GIF format | .JPG format

Crest -- suitable for applications on clothing, on darker backgrounds (nothing extends beyond the border).

.GIF format | .JPG format

Logo Embroidery

President Dave VE7VR has arranged an Orca DXCC logo that can be embroidered onto any garment. Contact Make on Granville Island to order, or to send a garment for embroidery. Cost is around $14 for embroidery on a garment purchased from Make, or $16 for embroidery on a garment you provide.

"I bought a black Stormtech vest with the four-inch logo and it looks very nice," says Dave, who wore the vest to the Oct. 2010 club meeting. He advises that the company can deliver in about an hour for people who shop in the store. Members from out of town can arrange to send in their own garments.

Also check out the t-shirts, mugs and other gear available from Cafe Press.