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2020 Year-End Orca Report
The 2020 Year-End Orca Report recaps club activity this year, and previews the February 2021 BC QSO Party.

Read the 2020 Year-End Orca Report (PDF)

2021 BC QSO Party 2021 BC QSO Party all set to go!

February 6 and 7 will be a busy weekend for British Columbia stations as the world points our way for the annual BC QSO Party.

Read about the 2021 BCQP

View the final report for BCQP 2020

2020 BC Results | 2020 W/VE/DX Results

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NAQP CW Jan. 9-10 (rules). NAQP SSB Jan. 16-17 (rules). ARRL January VHF Jan. 16-18 (rules). BARTG RTTY Sprint Jan. 23-24 (rules).
Recent contest activity... ARRL RTTY Roundup Jan. 2-3 (rules). SARTG New Year RTTY Jan. 1 (rules). Stew Perry Top-Band Dec. 26-27 (rules). RAC Winter Dec. 19 (rules). ARRL 10M Dec. 12-13 (rules). FT Roundup Dec. 5-6 (rules). ARRL 160M Dec. 4-6 (rules). CQWW DX CW Nov. 28-29 (rules). ARRL Sweepstakes Phone Nov. 21-23 (rules). JIDX Phone Nov. 14-15 (rules). Worked All Europe RTTY Nov. 14-15 (rules). ARRL Sweepstakes CW Nov. 7-9 (rules). Post your scores on the 3830 reflector.

DXpeditions postponed to 2021

Several major DXpeditions have announced postponement plans for 2020 travel until 2021. See DX to Watch For for updates.

DX to watch for newest XR0YSP, Easter Is. Postponed to 2021 W8S, Swains Is. Postponed to 2021 TT8RR, Chad (TT8XX on FT8) Postponed to 2021 KH6VV/KH4, Midway Is. Postponed to 2021 CY0, Sable Is. Postponed to 2021 A25VR, Botswana (Dave VE7VR) Apr. 28-May 24, 2021 KH6VV/KH4, Midway Is. September 2021 3Y0I, Bouvet DXpedition update DXCC Most Wanted List ClubLog 2019
Recent DX activations...
TX0T, Tatakoto Atoll Oct. 29-Nov. 5 TX8A, New Caledonia Mar. 10-18 TO7DL, Reunion Is. Mar. 4-16 VP8PJ, South Orkney Feb. 21-Mar. 6 5I4, Zanzibar Feb. 4-18

Swap and Shop resources

For now, we're not able to enjoy swap meets in person, but finding and selling gently used gear works well online!

Recently launched by Don VE7DXE, Hamshack.ca is a ham radio buy and sell site intended for licenced amateur radio operators located throughout Canada to list, buy, sell and trade amateur radio gear.

Popular with Orca members, the long-established BC Swap Net site is hosted by Rick VE7TK.

Rick Williams VE7TK has been appointed as an ARRL DXCC card checker and can now do card verification.

Read more about card checking

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