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Vimy commemorative station planned

From April 1 to 9, 2017, amateur radio operators will activate Canada's Vimy Ridge memorial sites in France. Canadian portable operations are also being planned for each province -- if you'd like to operate VE100VIMY/VE7 during the BC operating period February 12 to 18, contact Fred VE7IO.

About VE100VIMY | VE100VIMY portable operation guide

Orca Report -- November meeting
Lots of updates were presented at the nmovember meeting. Read about them in the latest Orca Report.

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PNW Cup update
Jim VE7FO as updated the club totals for this year's PNW Challenge Cup. Remember, contest organizers don't give your info to the club. If you want to contribute to our club total, please review the tutorial on how to submit your scores:

How to submit your scores | Eligible contests

2016 BC QSO Party Results

Thanks to all participants in the 2016 BC QSO Party held Feb. 6-7! The results are now online.

Post-Contest Report (PDF)
| BC Results (PDF) | W/VE/DX Results (PDF)

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DX to watch for newest Baker and Howland Islands, KH1: Sept.-Oct. 2017
Recent DX activations...
St. Paul Is., CY9C: Aug. 19-29, 2016 Botswana, A25UK: Apr. 13-20, 2016 | Clublog Juan de Nova, FT4JA: Mar. 31-Apr. 12, 2016 Heard Is., VK0EK: Mar. 18-Apr. 10, 2016 Curacao, PJ2: Orca DXCC member Dave VA7AM will be at PJ2T from March 21 to 30, signing PJ2/VA7AM. During CQWPX SSB weekend, Dave is doing a single-band 20M entry signing PJ2T. Cocos Keeling, VK9CK: Mar. 15-26, 2016 Tonga, A35T: Feb. 18-24, 2016 -- Neil VA7DX, Keith VE7KW and Dave VA7AM are on the DXpedition to Tonga in February, including ARRL DX CW weekend. South Sandwich & South Georgia Is., VP8: Feb. 1, 2016 Palmyra Is., K5P: Jan. 11-26, 2016 Antipodes Is., ZL9A: January 7-11, 2016
Cezar VE3LYC joined a team activating new IOTA entity OC-286, part of an expanded ZL9 New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands DXCC entity. ZL9 is #37 on the ClubLog Most-Wanted Mixed and SSB lists.
Tuvalu T2TT & Fiji 3D2RJ : Nov. 29-Dec. 9, 2015
Orca members VE7CT, KW7XX, N7RO and W7IV were on th team.

ARRL 160M Dec. 2-4 (rules). ARRL 10M Dec. 10-11 (rules).
Recent contest activity... CQWW CW Nov. 26-27 (rules). ARRL Sweepstakes Phone Nov. 19-21 (rules). Worked All Europe DX RTTY Nov. 12-13 (rules). JIDX Phone Nov. 12-13 (rules). ARRL Sweepstakes CW Nov. 5-7 (rules). CQWW SSB Oct. 29-30 (rules). Makrothen RTTY Oct. 8-9 (rules). Oceania DX CW Oct. 8-9 (rules). JARTS WW RTTY Oct. 15-16 (rules). TARA PSK Rumble Oct. 1 (rules). Russian WW Digital Oct. 1-2 (rules). California QSO Party Oct. 1-2 (rules). Post your scores on the 3830 reflector.

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