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2021 BC QSO Party BCQP Final Report

The final report for the BCQP is now available, as are line scores for Out-of-Province and In-Province competitors.

View the final report for BCQP 2021

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Free registration for virtual PNW DX Convention Aug. 7

The Willamette Valley DX Club hosts an exciting one-day virtual Pacific Northwest DX Convention Saturday Aug. 7, 2021 via Zoom. All hams are welcome wherever they may be. Registration is free and now open -- event details will be posted on the PNW DX Convention website as they are available.

Visit the 2021 PNW DX Convention website


NAQP RTTY July 17-18 (rules). CQWW VHF July 17-18 (rules). NAQP CW Aug. 7-8 (rules). Worked All Europe CW Aug. 14-15 (rules). SARTG WW RTTY Aug. 21-22 (rules). NAQP SSB Aug. 21-22 (rules).
Recent contest activity... IARU HF Championship July 10-11 (rules). DL-DX RTTY July 3-4 (rules. RAC Canada Day July 1 (rules). All Asian DX CW June 19-20 (rules). ARRL June VHF June 12-14 (rules). CQWW WPX CW May 29-30 (rules). Volta RTTY WW May 8-9 (rules. QSO Parties May 1-2 (7QP | IN | DE | New England). Post your scores on the 3830 reflector.

Orca waives fees for 2021
Orca DXCC membership is free for 2021! The club directors have agreed that membership fees for this year, which are usually due in January, will be $0 -- zero dollars -- and fees for 2022 (due next January) will be $20. So, all new, renewing or returning members get a welcome freebie for 2021.

Read the Membership page

DXpeditions postponed

Several major DXpeditions have announced travel postponements until the pandemic situation improves. See DX to Watch for updates.

DX to watch for newest XR0YSP, Easter Is. Postponed W8S, Swains Is. Postponed TT8RR, Chad (TT8XX on FT8) Postponed KH6VV/KH4, Midway Is. Postponed CY0, Sable Is. Postponed to Oct. 2022 3Y0I, Bouvet DXpedition update A25VR, Botswana (Dave VE7VR) Apr. 2022 DXCC Most Wanted List ClubLog 2019
Recent DX activations...
TX0T, Tatakoto Atoll Oct. 29-Nov. 5 TX8A, New Caledonia Mar. 10-18 TO7DL, Reunion Is. Mar. 4-16 VP8PJ, South Orkney Feb. 21-Mar. 6 5I4, Zanzibar Feb. 4-18