John White VA7JW

Circa 1960 Shack
Heathkits DX-40, VF-1, SWR Meter and Q Mult. Receiver National NC-125, Trio Preselector. Eico monitor 'scope. Home brew antenna tuner.

It all started in 1955 (Grade 7) when my Industrial Arts teacher wired a lamp in series with a switch and a dry cell using double cotton covered bell wire. The wires were routed in a square layout held down with thumbtacks to a wooden board.

Each circuit element had the wire coiled in the form of a solenoid to each terminal of each device. He then closed the switch and the damn light turned on. Home-made one and two transistor radios (anyone remember the 2N107 & CK722 Ge PNP) soon followed.

By Grade 10, I was enrolled in a technical high school and went off to see the electronics teacher. I wanted to form an electricity club. He said, "like ham radio?" This suggestion was absurd -- how would that be possible?

Well, we had a good turn out, a couple of licensed students actually showed up. The school (Victoria High) was soon licensed as VE7AAG with mil surplus equipment. Our electronics instructor was great - theory and code practice at noon and after classes.

Dead quad
circa 1960

The 20-15-10m quad lasted about 6 months. Multi-guyed telescoping TV "mast." No money in those days to engineer things properly.

In 1959, I became VE7AAL, a call held until 2000. Off to Electrical Engineering in 1960 at UBC. Graduated in 1965 and have spent many years with local Vancouver companies in Engineering design and manufacturing.

Shown below are the various antennas. The 60 foot tower has a 3 element SteppIR yagi installed with a 2m / 70cm co-linear vertical on top. Hanging off the left side is a 160m dipole and off the right side is a 80m/40m trap dipole. The VHF – UHF stack has a pair of 10 element 2m yagi’s, a pair of 15 element 70cm yagi’s and a 1 meter parabolic for 1.2 and 2.4 GHz, A HyGain DX-77, 40m through 10m vertical is on the extreme right side.

I am a member of RAC, ARRL, North Shore Amateur Radio Club and the Orca DX and Contest Club. The station operates 160M through 10M, VHF, UHF and Satellites to 2.4 GHz. I enjoy operating, DXing, and contesting but mostly enjoy the technical challenges and rewards that ham radio continues to offer.


The antennas -- 2012

Station setup -- 2012