Club Correspondence

Orca DXCC has received the following note of thanks for a $1,000 donation toward January 2014 DXpedition to Amsterdam Is.

From: Amsterdam Island DX Group
Sent: June 27, 2013 20:16
Subject: Thank you from Amsterdam Island DX Group

Dear ORCA DX and Contest Club

On behalf of the Amsterdam Island DX Group, thank you for your contribution of $1000.00 USD to our DXpedition to Amsterdam Island scheduled to begin in January 2014.

It is dedicated and generous DXers like you that make DXpeditions such as this possible and we are pleased that you are now a member of the Amsterdam Island DX Group.

One of the goals of the Amsterdam Island DXpedition is to provide at least one QSO to every DXer who needs this #4 ranked DXCC entity for a NEW one. Also, we want to provide as many band/mode contacts needed by DXers worldwide. We believe we have the plan, the team and the equipment to make this happen !

Your contribution will help make all this a reality and not only our team of DXpeditioners, but DXers world-wide...THANK YOU!

See you in the pile-ups!

For the team,

Bob Allphin, K4UEE
Chief Financial officer
Amsterdam Island DX Group