Current Roster

Our club is just forming, but it's forming quickly! Are you ready to be part of something bigger? Join the club!

Here's the current club roster, callsigns in alphabetical order (note: it may take a day or two before new members appear on the online roster)

Call Name Location More info
KC7GX Doyle Bennink Bellingham, WA
N3QQYuri Sushkin Bellingham, WA
N7BT Don Meyer Bellingham, WA
N7RODick Moen Bellingham, WASTATION TOUR
VA7AMDave ShipmanWest Vancouver, BC
VA7BECRebecca KimotoDelta, BC
VA7DXNeil KingVancouver, BC
VA7DXCDavid CaseyVancouver, BCWEBSITE
VA7DZEric ManningVictoria, BCSTATION TOUR
VA7GAPGordon A. PassmoreNorth Vancouver, BC
VA7KOKoji KimotoDelta, BC
VA7ST Bud Mortenson Lake Country, BCWEBSITE
VA7TK/VE7TLK Elizabeth Baggoo North Vancouver, BC
VE6PL Gerry Linton Strathmore, AB
VE7AX Don Mullis Nanaimo, BC
VE7BC Ken Clarke Surrey, BC
VE7BV Dwight Morrow Kamloops, BCSTATION TOUR
VE7BZ Paul Peters Cobble Hill, BCSTATION TOUR
VE7CC Lee Sawkins Maple Ridge, BC
VE7CV Pete Pel Kamloops, BC
VE7FO Jim Smith Vancouver, BC
VE7ICH (Rev.) Isabel Healy-Morrow Kamloops, BC
VE7IN Earl A. Dery Surrey, BC
VE7IO Fred Orsetti Surrey, BC
VE7JKS Gordon Schorss Westbank, BC
VE7KB Gene Krehbiel Kelowna, BC
VE7NX Jerry P. Krayco Langley, BC
VE7SAG Stan Grenda Mill Bay, BC
VE7SQ Robert Earl Qualicum Beach, BC
VE7TK Rick Williams Victoria, BCWEBSITE
VE7VR Dave Johnson Burnaby, BCSTATION TOUR
VE7WEB Brian Jarman Delta, BC
VE7XF Ralph Parker Delta, BC
VE7XS Bill Gipps Langley, BC
W7IV Paul Merrill Bellingham, WA
W7KCN John Munroe Bellingham, WA